The Job Search: Five Tips for a Successful Job Fair

Job fairs can be great tools for job seekers: Everyone at a job fair is there either to hire or be hired, which eliminates any ambiguity and allows people to cut right to the chase. Job seekers can get a feel for what positions employers are looking to fill, and employers can quickly screen potential candidates to find qualified leads. However, they can be long, exhausting days, and the constant direct interpersonal interactions is a lot for anyone, but especially for introverts.

To make them easier, here are my top five tips:

1. Know who is attending

Do your research! Most job fairs will at least give you an idea of which companies are attending, and some will already have their jobs listed. If you can find some jobs and employers you’re especially interested in, plan to head to them first, while you and the recruiter are both still fresh. Knowing which companies and jobs will be there also gives you the opportunity to brush up on your applicable experience, and to tailor your resume in a way that highlights your relevant skills.

2. Bring resumes and business cards

Note the “and,” not “or.” Both resumes and business cards are critical—some recruiters prefer one, the other, or both. Even if you print them both at Staples or Office Max or another low-budget printer, they should look decently nice (please don’t just use printer paper for your business cards!) and should clearly include your pertinent, updated contact information. I’ll talk about business cards soon, but a good practice is to use writeable stock and to leave the back blank so the recruiter can jot down notes. Resumes can be on regular printer paper, but nicer stock is also appreciated and appropriate. Have these in a nice folder at the ready, so you can provide them to the recruiter when prompted without having to fuss for them.

3. Look your best

Dress up for a job fair in business professional or well-curated business casual, unless you’re going to one for a targeted industry at which suits would be overkill (video games, for example…though even then, there are some roles for which suits might be appropriate). I find it really helpful to do something nice for yourself beforehand, like getting a manicure or doing a face pack or whatever makes you feel good—even if the effect isn’t obvious, it’ll put an extra pep in your step, and that extra confidence will come across to recruiters.

4. Practice your elevator pitch and introductions

Job fairs are all about meeting people—lots of people. You won’t have much time with anyone, so you want to make the most of what time you have. Craft a succinct introduction that conveys who you are and what type of role you’re looking for, and practice it enough so you can say it confidently and clearly over and over again. Be specific: It helps both you and the recruiter save your time and energy if you’re clear about what you’re looking for, because if what you want doesn’t match up with the job for which someone is recruiting, you can both move on. Just remember to be polite and professional, and always thank someone for their time!

5. Take breaks and pace yourself

Job fairs can create a lot of pressure, because not only are you and the other attendees looking for a job (which is stressful enough as it is!) but with so many recruiters and job opportunities, it can feel like a waste if you aren’t out there applying and networking the whole day. However, if you’re constantly in motion, you’ll start to run out of energy and be useless by the end of the day. Plan to take water and snack breaks at least every 45 minutes, and plan to take lunch if it isn’t provided. Also, especially for introverts, it can be worth deciding on a set time to stay there before you even go. Three dedicated hours can be more fruitful than an entire day. Know how you work best, and structure your day accordingly.

I hope these tips are helpful, and allow you to maximize your time at a job fair! They can still be great avenues for getting a job, especially for students, so I hope you look into them and feel cool and confident when you go!

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